KS-899 Báo trộm thông minh

Báo trộm thông minh

Hiệu Karassn

Model KS-899

Chính Hãng

English color box

Tần số 443 Mhz



1.      LCD display

2.      16 wireless zones & 4 wired zones, The 4 wired zones will share wireless zone from 12-16 zone. Each wireless zone for one Detector.  Can program 8 remote controllers.

3.      8 preset phone number, users can program for common phone or CONTACT ID.

4.      Can program AT HOME/ AWAY HOME.  Zone list & zone attribute can be defined easy.

5.      Alarm telephone priority

6.      Can perform ARM/DISARM, activate siren, monitor and display record when process alarm phone

7.      Can command alarm panel remotely

8.      AC power cut, main unit & PIR detector power lower will inform the users.

9.      Alarm report (for arm, disarm, power lower, power recovery) to be optional.

10.  Telephone line cut, short-circuit can report.

11.  Arm delay, alarm delay can be set 000 ¨C255 seconds

12.  Dialing time and ring time can be set from 03-15.

13.   Two groups timer for arm/disarm

14.  20 seconds for voice record

15.  one group for NO/NC, and one group 12V 150mA DC output

16.  3 levels alarm volume.

17.  real-time module

18.  20 pieces alarm record,

19.  Backup battery for optional